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Subscription Features

1. Practice Questions2. Results Proven3. Unlimited Access4. Study Resources5. Works On All Devices6. Guaranteed Pass7. Try It First

1. Practice Questions

We have a substantial question bank that is sorted into small sections. These include: Law, Clinical, Calculations and Primary Care questions. This will allow you to study for the exam systematically and ensure that you pass your actual exam the first time.

• 600+ Questions
• Continually updated question bank
• Practice questions sorted into systematic study blocks to ensure effective studying


2. Results Proven

Last year, we have helped over 100 candidates with a success rate of more than 99%.

Preparation Overview:

Step 1 - Improve your exam techniques

Step 2 - Consolidate your clinical knowledge

Step 3 - Seek further resources and continue practicing





3. Unlimited Access

Our InternPrep Learning Management System (LMS) subscription provides you with unlimited access to the practice questions. This allows you to have ample preparation until you achieve 100% in each section.





4. Study Resources

InternPrep Learning Management System (LMS) provides you with written guides to aid you through each section systematically. Peer responses are also available for you to gauge your progress against other candidates.





5. Works On All Devices

We acknowledge that it is difficult to do study in addition to full time work. You may be on your computer at home, on your phone at work or on your iPad/Android tablet while you take the bus. InternPrep Learning Management System (LMS) works across all devices - whenever and wherever you need it.





6. Guaranteed Pass

Here at InternPrep, we are confident about our Learning Management System (LMS) and we offer you a promise. You are guaranteed to pass your PCNZ Written Examination or you will get a full refund. Please refer to the terms and conditions, refund policy and your eligibility for refund.





7. Try It First

We have provided a sample of our Learning Management System (LMS) for you to "try before you buy". Once you are satisfied with the trial, you can purchase the subscription in order to have full access to the LMS.





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To purchase subscription, simply access the link below and you will be able to pay online through a secure payment portal. Once you purchase the subscription, you will have instant access.

Start practicing today and pass the PCNZ exam the first time with confidence!


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