Our Guarantee

Pass PCNZ exam the first time or get a full refund

Our Guarantee Policy

We are very confident with our Learning Management System (LMS) and hence we offer you a promise.

We guarantee a FULL REFUND if you don’t pass the actual Pharmacy Council of New Zealand Written Examination.

Please review the terms and conditions and your eligibility criterion.

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To be eligible for a full refund, you must satisfy the following criterion:

- Be on a paid Learning Management System (LMS) subscription

- Complete all the “timed drills” and score 100% at least once

- Provide proof that you failed the Pharmacy Council New Zealand Written Examination

(Your registered name needs to match your PCNZ written exam registered name. We will need your PCNZ pdf document to verify your identification)


You will be notified in your dashboard when you have met the criteria to be eligible for a full refund if you fail the real exam.



(Account sharing is strictly prohibited. IP monitoring is in place - your account will be banned should we detect simultaneous logins from different IPs. You will not be considered for refund if you share your account.)

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